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The Council of the Village of Elnora have, by bylaw, established an ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations to Council in the following area(s):

  • The Planning and Development of the Elnora Library at an existing facility located at 213 Main Street, Elnora.


The committee shall be comprised of two (2) members of Council, two (2) members of the Elnora Library Board, the Elnora Head Librarian, two (2) members of the Elnora Friends of the Library and two (2) persons from the general public appointed by Council.


This is an opportunity for persons interested in the planning and development of the new library facility to contribute ideas and expertise to make this an outstanding project for the betterment of our community.


Interested persons are requested to submit their names, or to request further information on this opportunity,  to:

Village of Elnora

Attn:  Sharon Wesgate, CAO

Box 629

ELNORA, Alberta


PHONE:  403-773-3922



Come by the Village Office at 219 Main Street

We are excited about this project and welcome your input and ideas



Nuisance Abatement



7.            An Owner shall ensure the removal from any improved public sidewalk located adjacent to the Property, including private driveway crossings, all snow and ice deposited, whether from natural or unnatural means, within 24 hours of deposit.


8.            For the purpose of Section 7, snow and ice will be considered removed when the sidewalk is cleaned for the entire width of the sidewalk to the sidewalk surface as completely as reasonably possible.


9.            For the purpose of Section 7, in the case of a sidewalk being below grade resulting in repeated coverage by ice or water through drainage of melted snow or rain, the sidewalk must be cleaned as completely as reasonably possibly and a non-slip, non-corrosive material such as sand or similar material must be scattered on the surface of the sidewalk as frequently as required to maximize traction for pedestrians.


10.         For the purpose of Section 7, where an Owner reasonably anticipates being absent, the Owner must make arrangements to ensure the sidewalks are maintained in accordance with this Bylaw.


Traffic Control



8.         No person shall place or permit to be placed an electric extension cord across a sidewalk or driveway whereby any person, animal or vehicle may be in any way injured or damaged.

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