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Elnora is proud of its strong economic culture with many thriving businesses located in our small village! Within the Village of Elnora, you can get your vehicle serviced, driver’s license renewed, take care of your banking needs, pick up some groceries, borrow some books at the library, mail a parcel, fill your perscriptions, stop for a bite to eat, and so much more! If you are curious about what businesses are available within the Village of Elnora, please see your business listing page! If you are interested in starting a new business within Elnora, please see below. The Village of Elnora welcomes your business!


A Business License is required to conduct business within the Village of Elnora. You can obtain a business license by filling out a Business License Application and submitting to the Village Office. Business Licenses are renewable in January and cost $25.00 each year. Upon payment, a Business License certificate will be issued to you and any changes to your business, if noted, will be made to our online business directory. 

If you intend to run your business from your home, you will need an approved (Home Occupation) Development Permit prior to conducting business. Permits are issued through the Red Deer County Planning and Development Department.


In-Home Committees

We can provide you committee details like in-house and more.

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